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Mold abatement

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Mold abatement is the ending of mold from your property. To end this mold issue in your home you need a remediation process that professional mold removal can do best for your property. The status of mold is different in every place or area, it also depends on the size, type, and seriousness. ASAP Mold Removal is an expert to eradicate all kinds of molds whether small or large. We have an experienced team with the main priority is the safety and health conditions of our customers. The following are the processes that we do in dealing with molds.

You call ASAP Mold Removal

We start dealing with mold issues, from the time our customers called us. In dealing with it properly our expert mold remediation specialists will question our customers. About some issues related to mold that will aid our expert to determine what tools and equipment are needed for the specific situation.

Assessment and Inspection of Mold Damage

One of our mold removal experts will visit the home or business property four customers to carefully will an inspection for traces of mold. Our removal expert will handle a series of technologies to search the mold and its cause. Not all traces of mold or damage created by mold can be seen by the naked eye. In reality, molds are mostly hidden from the open areas.

Mold Condition

There are a lot of mold condition processes ASAP Mold Removal use to stop the mold from spreading. One of these is with the use of negative air chambers. With the state-of-the-art process that handles physical limitations to separate the contaminated area. Another process that the company uses is through negative air pressure to control the spread of the mold during the cleanup.

Filtration of Air

The filtration system of the company will catch airborne air that spreads the mold to purify the quality of the air in your home or business. The company’s mold remediation expert uses the latest equipment. Like HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers to clear up the air and stop the expansion of the mold all over the house or building.

Remediation of Infested Materials

The company mold remediation experts lessen the territory of the molds and keep them covered with specific antimicrobial and anti-fungal remedy. Any absorbent materials that are heavily contaminated, like carpet and drywall, will be taken out from the area and carefully thrown off.

Restoration and Clean Up

All the items that are contaminated from mold need to clean, sanitize, and restore with the use of various cleaning methods. Also, with the aid of steaming equipment, the company’s expert will remove the odor of the mold and sanitize the materials.

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