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If you assume that your property is infested by mold, it is effective to have mold testing to confirm it. Hence, with mold testing, it measures the quality of the air, it locates the place of the mold and will classify the kind of mold residing in your home or your business. Usually, mold develops unnoticed inside the wall and other tricky corners and spaces in your home or the business area. With these mold testing methods, you will know the direction of the mold which places the topmost amount of mold presents. The following are the testing that we do:

Testing after Mold Removal

Mold testing does not just administer after an inspection. Also, mold testing is useful after the mold removal process to ensure the success of the procedure. With this regard, three types of mold testing are important to apply to make sure of a mold-free residential and commercial area.

Air testing

With mold testing of the air, you will confirm if there is still growth of mold in your area and where it buds. But the growth of mold present in the air can dramatically change in a little time. Therefore, you cannot simply depend on the air testing results.

Exterior Testing

The sample of tests on the exterior of the property through ways such as tape lifting and wiping will consider the place of the mold or check if the area is properly cleaned and restored.

Bulk Testing

Another type of mold testing is bulk testing where it involves a piece of material that is infested by molds from your property to the laboratory for examination. With the use of a microscope, the piece of material is examined to know the quantity of the mold that is in your property.

Expert Mold Testing

Though there are mold testing available in different stores, and you want to do it by yourself. However, professional mold testing is more advisable than the do-it-yourself method. In this way, ASAP Mold Removal is the best choice to perform such methods by their qualified mold testing expert. Consider our service and call us, our mold testing professional will expertly perform the said work. ASAP Mold Removal is mold specialists North Hollywood we specialized in mold removal and testing. We also serve the surrounding area outside North Hollywood as well. Call us now and our expert mold removal will accommodate and answer your questions. Set an appointment with us with a free estimate of the project.

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